Thursday, January 24, 2013

Painting Shadows


I am teaching a new landscape lesson with my 5th graders. Their objective is to express mood and show depth in a winter landscape. I am always excited to try something new, but working out the bugs can be a creative challenge. As a group, we have been successful painting a winter landscape with a cool or warm color pallet, and tearing watercolor paper to make Birch trees. Tuesday, we started adding fences and shadows. Fences..... A perspective challenge!! Shadows.... A bigger challenge for my picky students! When they mixed the colors, we had muddy shadows.

 I backed up on my teaching plan, and had the students pull out their sketch books. We practiced a perspective fence, and then transferred it to the painted paper. Mixing grays for shadows next was a mess. As I drove to work today I decided to help out with the mixin!  I created three different grays using Dick Blick liquid water colors, and had them test it in their sketchbook first. Presto.... they had a masterpiece. I live for the small things and this made my week art teacher friends!

I added some outstanding work to the painted frames in our school hallway today!


  1. Amazing! It's hard to believe that these are only fifth grade students!

  2. These are stunning! Your students did a a great job!

  3. Thank you teacher friends! I was pretty proud of them. They worked so hard on it!


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