Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Welcome Spring

We are so ready for Spring. While the Sunflower isn't a spring flower in North Texas, the color is really warming us up. I changed my 2nd grade mixed media sunflower lesson from years past after seeing
 Patty's lesson on Deep Space Sparkle. I used some of her ideas with regards to the painting and stems.
 I start my lesson with my favorite book, Camille and the Sunflowers

The student's make a symmetrical vase the first day on folded 6"x 6" paper using a wax transfer method 
with china markers.  We painted them with Prang watercolor trays also on the first day.

Then cut and glue the vase to the 12" x 18" paper, or if you have had ice days like we did, I cut and glued them so we could make up some time. 

This is where I got my idea for Patty's blog. I used the Dick Blick concentrated watercolors and 80 lb sulfur paper to paint the table and the wall. The color was amazing. 
In the past  they used the Prang trays of watercolor for this part. 

Instead of using cut paper for the flowers the student's observed my lovely faux sunflowers and drew their own with china marker, no pencil, and colored with oil pastels. In the past I had my student's draw the flower with the stem and glue them on. It was a cutting challenge. 

Today we cut and glued the finished flowers to the background! It was so exciting to work on those cutting and gluing skills as well as showing space by overlapping the flowers. 

These flowers were growing down the street from me this past summer! 

My favorites just as they were for Van Gogh!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Staycation in Dallas and Fort Worth visiting Artist David Bates


Everyone has a favorite artist, and my favorite living artist is David Bates. I love his still life sculptures of flowers and forms from this part of the country. His artwork is not intimidating or fancy. 
It is art for the everyday person. 

David Bates still lives here in Dallas and has a fantastic two part exhibit at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth and The Nasher Sculpture Center of Dallas.
Can you image walking into a world class museum and seeing your work displayed for all to see? Did you know that he grew up in Garland TX and graduated from SMU?

After reading about his up coming exhibit in the D Magazine,
I became excited to plan my sightseeing trips. 

My family asked me about my birthday plans,  and I convinced them to drive to the Modern's exhibit on Sunday which happened to be MY BIRTHDAY. As my husband and I were waiting for the rest of the brunch bunch, I spotted David Bates walking into the museum.
I had a moment! Was it really him? It was.
We asked the staff at the ticket desk if it was him and was he approachable, which they replied yes. After a lovely brunch we wandered through the exhibit backwards to see if he was still there.
Yes he husband is so cute, he introduce himself, 
and said he wanted to introduce two art teachers that admired his art work. 

My daughter who is also a painter and art teacher was a star struck as I was. Maybe that is why my eyes are closed.....dang. 

Thank you Mr. C for making this possible. It was the best birthday which included this bunch.

David Bates was very friendly and encouraged us to visit the Nasher to see the second part of his exhibit of paintings and sculptures. 

Sooo.. my art teacher friend and travel companion Karen and I did that today. Did I mention it was over 80 degrees and gorgeous today???

 Lucky for me, they allowed photography at the Nasher. The wonderful staff  also told us about visiting with David Bates when he visits his work. 

We learning how he creates his bronze sculptors that are cast from cardboard,  and wood.

He mentioned in our brief conversation at the Modern, how fun it was to work with cardboard and I expected cardboard sculptures. He uses a lost wax casting method of creating a mold from each piece and then reassembles the bronze sculpture and paints it to look like cardboard or wood again. If you have ever seen the Debra Butterfield video which documents her horse sculptures then you know what I am talking about. In fact he used the same Walla Walla foundry for some of his earlier sculptures in Washington as did Debra did for her horse sculptures.

These little chairs weigh 15 lbs each!

There are Picasso paintings and sculptures around the corner from this exhibit too.

I am thinking of using these for an art lesson on birds and owls!

but my favorites are his still life paintings and sculptures.

These small sketches were on hotel note pads!


gotta love the dog!

And the artist!

Sometimes staycations are the best vacations. 
Wishing all my teacher friends a spring break that allows you to recharge and relax!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

#BigArtDay Photo booth

March 6th, 2014 was  #BIGARTDAY in Texas! 

It also happens to be Open House too so...... I created 4 photo booths for family's to take Selfies.
 The student's  also have their Selfies on display.
 The parents and staff also created digital selfies using their technology! 

Kindergarten teachers rock!

So do Art Teachers!

4th grade teachers are so creative!

I made a board on Pinterest with my ideas. 

The Student's Self portraits  are hanging up and their portfolio's are on their desks!

5th grade

 1st grade

2nd grade

We are ready for spring break!!!

My team!!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Organizing Portfolio's for Open House

Open House is next week which involves a lot of planning and organizing the art work.
This year in Texas, we are celebrating the Arts on March 6th which happens to be Elementary Open House night. The Texas theme is #BIGARTDAY and my art student's will be taking home the art works they created this year after displaying them on their classroom desks. Each student  will also have a "Selfie" on display. I am in the process of creating  4 Art Themed Photo Booth too. 
Watch for that post  next week........  

All of my student's made a super quick and easy portfolio this year in one class period, They loaded all their work inside. I ordered brown 18' x 24" construction paper for these.

I put up the basic steps on the board. (I did prefold and staple the KDG and 1st grades portfolios.) 

I love how creative some became.....

I have them all organized by day to pass out before open house.

I also noticed that The Art of Ed had a post about this recently.
 I am sending home the student's ceramic pieces in decorated brown sacks as noted in their blog post. 

It will be great to come back to school after spring break and have everything cleaned up and organized!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Olympic Games in the Art Room

My third grade students are finishing their Olympic self portrait figures this week. 

We started creating our paper doll like figure out of skin toned paper a few weeks ago.
(remember the oval people that are 7 1/2 heads tall?!)
This was the part of the lesson that made me feel like I was giving Blood! I had to laugh out loud when I read Cassie Stephens Blog recently about figure drawing and could so relate!
We finally got the figures drawn in ...proportion and started adding clothes. Yikes.

We spent some time reading Time for Kids and looking at various media and identifying
 types of Olympic sports apparel. Did you know that Pop Tarts is a sponsor? 

After the initial outfit was made, they had star punches, metallic pens,
 and star stickers available for the details. I think we have enough stars punched for the year!

I am going to laminate them so that they don't lose any limbs and display them for open house. 

I wanted to give credit to Matt Gomez and his amazing post about the Olympics.
He is a wonderful Kindergarten teacher in our school district.

I used it to educate the student's and we really enjoyed his hard work.