Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Twitter #pisdartchat topic questions 1.22.15 8:30 CST

Please join me ...and many of our peers, as I drive the twitter bus for my first time. 
I am hosting Thursday's art chat. 
The topic is a good one: blogging and social media in the art room.
 I need my peeps to be there, and to be kind as I branch out into the twitter world of chatting.
 I am filling in for my awesome boss lady @grundlerart. 
 She supplied the questions and I am manning the twitter! 
Prayers please LOL!
Check my previous post for more details. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

#pisdartchat 1/22/15 8:30 Central Time

I am hosting an art educator themed twitter chat for the first time this Thursday 
on my professional twitter site @bacarter77 
I am filling in for @grundlerart our regular MC. 

Have you ever participated  in a twitter chat, or do you just watched? 

My friend @artwithbailey created this friendly poster for our district chats on Tuesday nights. 
Our #tag will be #pisdartchat on Thursday night for Art Educators. 

The 45 minutes topic will be about Social Media in the Art Classroom. 
Please consider joining us on Thursday.
 I have been know to set my timer on my phone. 
I am using TweetDeck to schedule the questions ahead of time too. 

Check back this week on Thursday for the questions! 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Art Portfolio's then and now!

Art Portfolios then
 and now......

I attended Board Builder training yesterday. I had no idea what it was as we logged in to our district's Discovery Education website. 

I was blown away by the Board Builder section on this site. It is amazing. Not only can student's watch videos about our learning, but a student can make a digital Portfolio board and store the images in the Discovery cloud instead of on our district servers. The bonus, the kids can do it themselves. 

 First the kids logged in and set up their Portfolio Board. They could set the fonts, colors etc. The Fun Part! 
I had them make a section for each piece of art work they have 
completed so far this year. 
They can also do this from home or on indoor recess days. 

The second part involved using our new IPad mini's.
 Some of my students also BYOD. (Bring their own device)

They took pictures of their art work, cropped and edited them on the ipads. 
The next step involved opening Discovery Education on the ipads and logging into their accounts. From there all they had to do was upload their images into the media frames. So easy and I didn't have to upload anything from my computer or drop box. Before logging off,  I asked them to share their boards with me. 

I was able to open their boards and leave comments. 
I cannot tell you how excited they were to create the boards and take pictures. Now they can share their work with other teachers, parents and peers!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Golden Globes of Art Bloggers!

Have you visited my blog and borrowed and idea or art lesson? 
  If so please consider nominating my little blog here  for a chance to display an award winning sticker and a chance to share the joy of art education with the amazing teachers at The Art of Ed.

Below is the nitty gritty! 

Here’s where YOU come in! We need your nominations to get started! If you have a favorite blog you’d like to tell us about, scroll down to see the categories. When you’re ready, click the “Nominate!” buttons and fill out the required information. Nominations will be open from now until 5 pm CST on Thursday, January 15th, 2015.
A few notes about nominating:
  • You are welcome to nominate your own blog.
  • You are welcome to nominate more than one blog.
  • Be sure to include why you like the blog. What sets it apart?
  • Nominations are anonymous. We can’t tell who nominates which blogs.
 Have a Wonderful Week!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Clay and Weaving!

I'm brave, I tried a new lesson again.... I can say as we are completing these clay frames that you have to follow some basic rules or you will have broken frames. We have had only 3, but I did make extras. 

My 4th graders tackled this lesson with stoneware clay, and finished them with oil pastels, one color of watercolor paint and I painted modge podge on them when dry. 

 The texture is the key part of the coloring process! I have rollers and rubber texture mats. 

At least pencil think and more than 2 fingers in width.
 You need some lid tracers and a pin tool. Don't try to cookie cutter it. 

I strongly recommend 15 or 19 holes punched with a straw. You must have an odd number!!
If they go hole craze, pop out the clay from the straw and plug the holes. 
I found the directions for weaving the warp threads here on Cassie Stephen's blog. 
I am also doing her plate weaving at the same time with 2nd grade. 

This is how I loaded them to prevent them from snapping and breaking. I also loaded them leather hard and they didn't break since they were not as fragile. 

In the second class period they colored their frames on folded newspaper to prevent them from banging them on the desks. Use oil pastes or construction paper crayons, followed by very watered down prang watercolor paint. (one color was my rule)

In the third class, I had the kids number the wholes and I precut yarn. 
Yes, this is the most confusing part, but we did it in one class period. 

After you finish the warps, use the odd number thread from the front to begin weaving in the center. I recommend trying it yourself a few times, before teaching it. 

Here are a few that are almost finished. I found some really nice textured yarns at Joann's. 
I am planning to display these for open house in March. 
I have decided to have a circle themed art display this year. 

Holiday Fun!

I haven't blogged in so long and I miss it! 
I have had the most upside down year at school and it ended with a bang on last Friday. 
The semester started of with a huge struggle in my classroom with a  recent student teacher. It took me the second nine weeks to rebound and get back on track. Our amazing office manger and principal planned many fun activities that involved twitter the last week of the semester 
and a Sonic drink cart. Thanks Shelley and Jamey!

Do you Twitter? I have had a door into my classroom with twitter for two years now and love it. 
Check out my classroom @skaggsart
I began tweeting last year, but our school made it the IN thing this year.
We have Twitter Tasks of the day that involve teacher and student tweets. 
Here are a few #ttt from the week in our Photo booth. Each day had a theme....
 Team Shirts
 Christmas shirts
Scarf day

I had planned santa hat day for the last day at our assembly. My team got me good by not letting me know that I was going to be surprised at the assembly.  I knew something was up at they were on stage playing an hilarious version of Wheel of Fortune, which spelled out my name as
Teacher of the Year at our school. 
My family even came out on stage. 
Yes I had the santa hat on, hat hair. I was so surprised and honored.
 I even get a parking space up front for a year. 

I have so many posts to share, so watch out! Thanks Mr. E for commenting that I needed to post. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Teacher Dress up Day

I went way outside my comfort level and dressed up as a story book character on our Red Ribbon Dress up day last Friday. I posted my picture on Twitter
and Facebook Art Teacher's group. I even went as far as sending a picture to Cassie Stephens. Soooo.......
I need you to vote for me. You can vote everyday this week.
 There are many other outstanding teacher on her site that you can vote for too, 
and save ideas for next year. 

Thanks so much!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Day of the Dead

I love my fall lessons, but we are running behind after having a student teacher the first nine weeks. These 4th graders should be ready to wash the soap outline off the black paper next week to complete their sugar skull lesson. The soap lines will reveal black outlines and the oil pastel stays put. 
Here is a previous display!

Yesterday was Story Book Day on Halloween.
I decided to dress as my favorite artist PIGASSO

It was a blast and almost all the kids Got IT. 

We finished up the day with a few magic Pasta Pots after reading Strega Nona.
This artist was dressed as Elsa!

Metalic FX crayons make everyone happy!

Three weeks and then a week off.....oh btw my Kiln is now fixed! Yippie

Monday, October 27, 2014

Dot Day/ Field Day Collaboration!

85 degrees and windy....A great field day, and I am so glad I ordered 
Cardboard panels instead of paper for the Dot Day Painting Station!

As the team leader for our specials team I wanted to find a way to 
collaborate with my team on Field Day.

 We delayed Dot Day in September, and had a two hour painting station in the field day rotation this afternoon. It was a hit! 

Our wonderful PTA gave me a $50 budget to order cardboard panels and Paint. 
(Prang from Office Depot)

(24 x 36 inches from Office Depot)

I have one panel per homeroom teacher. I thought the kids would rotate with their teacher, but it ended up being free choice, so we turned over the labeled panels and let the kids paint. 

The wind really blew things around. I might use heavier cups next year....many kids just stayed with me, you know the ones that don't enjoy field day. It was a great way to collaborate in a different way. 

I even found a few teachers that wanted to stick around a while too. 

My team was awesome. They help move carts and clean up the brushes.

I am pooped and it is only Monday....

on a side note, the kiln broke today. Boo Hoo!