Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Slice of Cake Art

#Bigartday17 is tomorrow in Texas. We had a big art time making cakes and pie in 5th grade this past 9 weeks. It was fun, it was messy, but I overheard many time, "this is the best project ever!"

My inspiration was the lesson that Rita Martin posted on the Art Teacher Facebook page last year. I ordered the claycrete from Amaco that she recommended from School Speciality at the end of last year when I had some money left in my school spending account.
 I ordered the large box and had some left over. I have 100 students. 

I introduced the lesson using Wayne Thiebaud paintings and this video
On day one the students research the pie or cake they wanted to make. They also had to cut out a template from a cereal box that they brought and tape it together. 
Use 3M tape, the cheap stuff didn't stay stuck. 
I made several templates but a few made their own. 

We also referenced this slide from the AOE

You can play around with the templates. I may make them a tad smaller in the future.

And that one kid that wants to be different....:)

Some added the crust with extra cardboard too. 

On day two we did the paper pulp step with the claycrete .

I mixed it with warm water outside my classroom before they came in. Since I don't have warm water in my room, I used a tea pot to warm the water. Old school art at its best!

The claycrete needs to be mixed like meatloaf. We made patties with the paper and pressed the patty on the side of the form and then spread it out thin with one hand inside the form and the other pressing.  Thin is the key. Some students used a craft stick to spread it too.

They need a plate to work on also. This helped to contain the mess. I did have to wipe out the sinks, clean the door handles and pretty much hope the custodian came back the next day. All of this had to be done in one class period. I blocked out a week for this. I also did a smaller lesson with the same material with my following 2nd grade class to make clean up easier. 

This was from Cassie Stephens blog. I will post more on this later. 

On day 3 we painted a base coat of paint on the dessert. Mixing was fun! 
Don't look at the carpet in my classroom, yes carpet. 

We made: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, vanilla, white, strawberry, cheesecake, pumpkin pie etc.
We used modge podge to add shine later. Most of the paints were crayola or prang temperas. 
I had some craft paints from home that I also added to the mix. 
Notice the caulk. We used it to add texture and hight. 

Day 4 was the topping or extras day. 

Beware....some kids started to derail here. Yikes!

We had to revisit our plan and stay on course. 

I mixed up drizzle in squirt bottle, used puffy paint and made a mixture of glue and shaving cream to create topping. White model magic seem to be one of the most popular as well as marshmallows. 
Craft foam was also popular for cut out limes, lemons and chocolates. 

Yes, we used real sprinkles too!

 I found the doilies at the Target Dollar Spot.

I started adding them to my display cases for open house and #bigartday17 
which this past Friday.

 My third graders made clay cupcakes and 4th grade made donuts with clay.
 Check back next week for a post on how we made them. 


I love how well the collaborative display came together today. 


The fifth graders also did the gum ball art that you see in the background. 

Enjoy! We sure did. I can't wait for the parents to see this tomorrow!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

#ATCswap update

The New Year is days away.  As I reflect on the past semester, 
participating in the #ATCswap was the highlight of my school year. 
It was like Christmas opening the cards we received from Nic Haun's amazing swap. 

The excitement was global. My student's received two packets of cards from Italy.  I was able to use my projector to show the kids this amazing post from which showed how her creative and talented students created the cards they received.  Thank you Miriam for sending your treasures and creating a post to link the global trading card process. Thank you Nic for pulling it all together in your informative blog post here

Nic had the teachers create wrapping paper that provided a Pen Pal like information sheet to their students and where they live. Loving geography like I do, this was my favorite part. 

We sent our cards that we created from this post. 

Kim in Kimball NE even added a picture of her school. I will comment that we did receive some sheets that were blank and the back of the student cards were blank. If you participate in this swap next year, please add this information. My kids were captivated by the FACTS! 

These wonderful zentangles also came from Italy. Simply amazing.

Some of our cards were all different and some had a theme. I loved seeing the teacher part of this too.

These Scorpion Cards from Tara's school were also favorites with our scientific kids. 

All in all we receive a diverse group of cards that initiated many conversations. 

Twitter and Instagram has also been a great way to share our trade. 

Thanks so much Carissa for sharing on Twitter! 

After opening the package I thought about how this would look when we traded. I will say, some of my students are picky and their voice about the trading process opened a whole new conversation about art criticism in my classroom. Another bonus for this lesson!!

I have my 5th graders who participated as my first class of the day.
 I opened their folders and placed a writing reflection sheet created by Nic, love her and her TPT site
 I picked two cards for them based on their style and interests. I gave this a great deal of thought. 

And yes, I receive two cards too. Thanks Tim over at Art Room 161, and 
my needle felted card from the UK. 

After the writing, I let them have 5 minutes to do a gallery walk, then have time to swap one of their new cards or one of their own. I also let them swap with me my samples. This was a good way for the kids that ended up with younger students cards to fell better about the experience. 

Good job 5th grade! I know we achieved our goal of having a global art experience. 

See you next year Mini Matisse! Your blog, posts and TPT site rock. 
You created excitement in my art world in 2016!