Friday, August 1, 2014

A little Vacation

From the looks of things in Blogger world, we are all on vacation. 
I haven't posted in a while or even scanned Bloglovin. Down time is a good thing.

I spent last weekend visiting the Portland area and catching up with my Brother and his family. 
It was rewarding to be Aunt Beth for the weekend. 

I had to brush up on my songs with this one.

I tried to make it up to the top of the falls with these two......

My brother's family planned two day trips  with me to the Falls and Mount Hood. 

While I was away it was over 100 each day in Texas. I sure planned this trip well!

The view from the top of Mount Hood was picture perfect!

I have one more trip planned to the Sun Shine state with my family! I am anxious to feel the sand between my toes! 

Google Camp on Monday! Too bad it isn't in CA! 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Popular Bulletin Boards

Did you know that Art teachers have other school jobs besides just teaching art? 
One of my responsibilities is the display areas in the main hallway on my campus. I have this huge board outside my classroom door that is usually my first display of the school year. 
Last year our District theme was "Be Bold Be Bright"... so I added the Art part. 

This summer I added our Statues of Liberty.
(but forgot to take a picture of it on the board)

Below are some of my favorites from years past.
 You might wonder why I would spend this 100 degree Saturday in Texas writing a blog post.
 (Yes, it's the first 100 degree day this summer)
I was motivated when I discovered last night that the I am an Artist board was 
listed on BuzzFeed this week! Nothing like a little attention to make my day. 

This Kandinsky displayed 1st grade lesson is my most popular post,
and displayed on the same wall space that has brought 
a lot of traffic to this blog.

Here are a few more on the same space from years past. 

Another version.....

The first version.....



In addition to this board the other side of the hallway has these wonderful painted frames to display art work inside with sticky tack. 

There is another set of display cases along with this one to showcase 3D art work. 

I loved this one from October and November 2013.

I always have my student teacher's showcase the lesson they write and teach too.
 Here was this year's Super Hero display assembles by my super student teacher. 

Needless to say,
 I love being an advocate for the Art program as well as my students. 
I proudly display their work all year long. 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Patriotic Art

4 more days of Summer School. Whoo Hoo!
 One of the benefits of teaching in the summer is fun Patriotic art lessons. 
Another perk is teaching with fellow art teachers on the same campus. 
This summer I am lucky enough to work with one of my best friends, Mari. 
This is her super cool firework sculpture lesson that she taught to her 
kindergarten student's today. 

The directions for this lesson is based on the lesson I do with my students when we make Mother's day flower sculptures which is here.
Instead of using one sheet of 12 x 18 paper,
 they used two patriotic colored papers, putting one inside the other after folding and cutting. 
(She did the stapling)

Mari had a buffet of materials for them to pick from and to bedazzle their firework sculpture. 

The little guys twisted, folded, glued and stuck on many sparkling items. 

They were super excited to take these home today.
I really think this would be a great lesson for Veteran's day or Memorial day too. 
Thanks Mari! 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Royal Selfies

We finished up this monumental lesson today. This lesson took a good three hours to complete. The kids were champions for taking it on and finishing so nicely. We were all happy. 

This is another lesson that I grabbed and ran with from Cassie Stephens. She did this with 1st graders, my student's were a year older.  I did modify the lesson. We used construction paper for the faces and head and neck tracers. We used oil pastels for the face without using pencil first. Yikes.
We also did not paint the paper that we wove for the royal tunic. They used 

These metallic sticks are amazing! I plan to order more for my classroom this fall. 
No mess and you can even paint over them with great results too. 

I was challenged with my hair color mixing ability, since I am not the hair expert. They loved painting the hair, but I would recommend premixing some colors like blond and black/brown. 
I monitored the class,  and helped with the styling! 

My co teacher made tracers for the crowns and we used metallic scrapbook paper for the crowns instead of painting them. I had a lot of jewels for them to pick from so that they could
 bedazzle themselves silly.  

A few pictures from my trip to London in 2004

 (My oldest daughter, 10 years ago)

We are leaving London today for Paris. See you on the other side of the pond! 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Almost 1/2 way finished with Summer School

These super fun statue's were drawn first on 12 x 18 white sulfite paper with sharpie. The student's tissue painted the statue with water and bleeding tissue paper. 
The background was 12 x 18 black paper. 
The fireworks were drawn with my new favorite tempera sticks.

The following day we brushed off the tissue papers and removed the background.
 We had a few medical emergencies (her arm or neck got cut off) but just glue it to the background. 

We watched this cool video and read a few books too about this wonderful landmark.

A wonderful summer lesson!

The bulk of my inspiration this summer came from Cassie Stephens. 

I am teaching a new class this summer, Art and Artist's Around the World to grade 2/3. 
I have the past teacher's  16 lesson plans, but being a creative person, I created a new format. 
Thank goodness for Pinterest and the WWW and most of all Cassie Stephens. I discovered many interesting things about her this year. We share the same birthday and graduated from the same University. Yes, I am older than she is, but I feel her way of teaching art is similar to mine. 
Cassie has shared many of her around the world art lesson's on her blog. I pinned away during those state testing days in April.  We are enjoying them along with a mixture of other lesson's I found too. The most challenging part of the lesson has been the large class size. I did have a co teacher added, 
so I haven't worn myself completely out yet.....

I pre-made the passports I added sheets that I have pinned on my Pinterest Summer School board. 
As we visit each country we date and stamp each page. 

The fish were fun and my co teacher hung them up in the display case today for me. Yeah!

While in Europe, you get to visit castles!

So we made clay relief castles. I hope these turn out ok after we use a crayon resist glazing method the last week. Isn't scary trying new lessons everyday??? I think it is adventurous too. Adventurous and tired... going to take a nap, the good thing about Summer School... 
it ends at 1 pm and is only 4 days a week. 
More pictures to come since we are only half way though.....


here are the finished castles.....

we finished the castles with a crayon resist "Glaze" of construction paper crayons, with one color of watercolor paint and mod podge. 

The flags are inserted into holes made while the clay was wet. I used toothpicks and 
duct tape for the flags. 

I was soooooo happy that these turned out so well. A keeper. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cleaned up and Recycled!

I spent two day last week working at my school after the children left. We had to make up two contract days due to the ice event in December. Since I am teaching a Summer art class for my school district in my art classroom this year, I was able to write lesson plans and get materials somewhat started. 
I cleaned out the paint cabinet. Yuck!

Our district turns off the air conditioning at 4 pm and does not run it on days that we are not in the building. I discovered a few years ago that the large gallons of paint expand and smell awful after being exposed to the Texas heat. I only buy the pints size bottles now. I emptied up all the mostly used up bottles by mixing new colors for my summer school kids.
 I recycled these Prang and Crayola bottles too!

I poured the almost emptied bottles of colors together in ziplock storage bowls.
yellow + white = lemonade
yellow + orange = dreamsicle
black + brown = blackbrown duh
blue + green + white = sea green
magenta + white = hot pink
red + orange = tomato 
blue + violet = indigo

I found this cool color site over at Crayola that has the top 50 colors! You can learn the science behind colors and fun facts about the color's meaning. 

While browsing my favorite artsy blogs I noticed that Laura over at Painted Paper has her student's use up the left over paint at the end of the year painting paper for the following year. I may use her idea the  last day of Summer School and have my kiddo's do the same for us in August! 
Thanks for the great idea Laura! 

Another awesome blogger, Patty at Deep Space Sparkle has many suggestions for storing and using up and mixing new colors on her awesome blog too. Thanks Patty. 

In addition to cleaning out the paint I also sent back 14 pounds of dried 
Crayola Markers from my school.
 Follow the link to find out how to do this too!