Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spring Origami Kites

I love this book about spring and art.   

 I introduced this lesson with the super cute book,  Butterflies for Kiri,  to my first graders earlier this month to introduce Origami. On day one of the lesson, we enjoyed the book and made an symmetrical origami kite.  I used 6 x 6 inch white construction paper for the kite. I hot glued it to the corner of blue construction paper for them based on which hand they used to fly a kite.  The students could design the kite using any type of drawing as long as it was symmetrical. 

On day two of this lesson we discussed what it was like to fly a kite and what the landscape would look like. I also found this quick video for students that have never flown a kite. 

This lesson is also a great way to assess the basic landscape vocabulary. 
I had the student's draw the horizon line and we worked together to draw themselves from the back flying a kite. They were on their own with details, fine sharpie markers and construction paper crayons.

I always think of my favorite kite flying song.......

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  1. I,love this idea and how the kite is outside of the boundaries of the construction paper. Beautiful!


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