Thursday, July 25, 2013

My 100th post: a Summer School reflection

Today was Summer School Pay Day. Woo Woo!

I taught a 15 day series of  classes called Art Fantasy, which was an enrichment class for kiddo's going into 1st grade next month. I had free choice on the lessons,
 but  I did have a limited budget. 
The classes were an hour and a half long and I had two classes a morning. I would love to work until 1 pm everyday, but an hour and a half of art for
 6 year olds is stretching it for their attention spans. 
A big hurdle  for me was hauling all of the art supplies to a middle school biology room for the summer session. ( and back to my school)

 The kids had to stand most of the time, but we made new friends!

The last lesson did with these kids was really a hit!
I based the lesson on the Eric Carl book, " A House for Hermit Crab."
I also supplemented the lesson with this YouTube,

Remember, we had an hour and a half!
The students made the shell first with crayola chalk marbling technique. We did this on 
9 x 12 sulfur paper using crayola chalk shavings on top of water. Let is dry!

We drew and spiral together and then they were OTO!

I gave them pre-torn paper for the sand and a 12 x 18 background paper. They could use a variety of materials to finish! 

I have three weeks left to be somewhat lazy, shop, clean out drawers, shop, pay bills, go to water aerobics and rest up for the new school year!

Some of the other lessons that I managed to photograph from Art fantasy can be found below. I did not take very many pictures for some reason...most of the lessons were very open ended, and some were very Pinterestly!

Happy 100th post!

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