Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fundraising Art

4th grade Alamo's 

On Friday, I finished and delivered our Square 1 Art fundraising projects to our wonderful PTA. 

I haven't done this project in a while, and forgot how hard it is to get a finished piece of quality work the first three weeks of school, but we did it. My PTA provided my materials colorful materials. 
I loved the Crayola Extreme markers and crayons and twistables. 
We also used Crayola construction paper crayons and oil pastels. 

  1st grade sunflowers

Wayne Thiebaud inspired sweet treats in 2nd grade

 Patterned landscapes in 3rd grade

 Op Art 5th grade lesson. Thank you for the lesson we heart art!

Kinder was my biggest challenge, so we did a Tiny Seed Flower.

Now we are off and running! Have a good week! 

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