Friday, October 25, 2013

Displaying Seasonal Art

After a brief Fall Break day off and a trip to Dallas Arboretum, I was back at school on Tuesday. 
 I love short weeks but,  I need to showcase my student's art work. After looking at the amazing pumpkins and flowers we saw at the Arboretum, I needed to finish the fall displays.
This is what I have been up to in addition to teaching!!

4th Grade Sugar Skulls

Displaying student art lessons is part of my job description. I love the wonderful comments from the staff and visitors in the building. The student's are always proud to have their work on the walls.  I used to "Pick" student's work to display. Over the last few years I have posted an entire class of artwork. I like this approach for many reasons. Who is to say which piece of work is really the best. It also showcases the diversity of the class, as well as their choices in creating their artworks. 
In addition to display cases and bulletin boards, our school has painted frames for artwork in our
 main hall way. I have updated those frames too.

I have turned over all my display spaces in the past week. 
I am proud, but tired too!! Have a great weekend!

Kindergarten Color Mixing

1st Grade Leaves

5th Grade 

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