Sunday, October 13, 2013

It is Fall You All!

In Texas, our leaves change late in the Autumn season, but in the art room it is Fall, you all!

I found this wonderful gem of a lesson on The Painted Paper site. Laura has re-inspired my love of Georgia O'Keeffe again. She has wonderful directions that I changed slightly. We used faux leaves instead of the real thing and I did notice that the children were challenged with the vein painting, so I had them draw them with oil pastel before we painted them with black tempera paint. 

This was a two day lesson for my 3rd grade students. 
On day 1 we learned about the artist, and
I read the book, Through Georgia's Eyes, by Rachel Rodriquez. 
We spent 15 minutes making one sheet of painted paper using warm color paints on either red, yellow or orange construction paper that was12 x 18 inches. 

On Day 2 they did their  contour drawing of a leaf.....big on the back of the painted paper. Yikes, that is a challenge, but they did it. The student's cut out their leaf, painted the veins,
and a contour line around the leave's edge.  

I displayed them in the hall above our twin cases. I will be putting clay fall leaves in the 
second case this week that 5th grade is completing. 

This has to be my favorite video about her......

Our Leaves in the Sky!


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