Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Gumball and Cup Cake Art Wayne Thiebaud Style

My wonderful 5th grade student's just finished a great lesson that my art friend shared with me.
The lesson is based on the artwork of Wayne Thiebaud

The student's had many free choices to create a gum ball still life. 
We reviewed the Elements and Principles of art, how to draw forms, and how to create balance.
Here were the materials we used in addition to rulers, tracers and a compass.

After pencil drawing and sharpie tracing, I put out a buffet of materials to use. 

I love texture plates! So do my students. 

Dot painting over the crayon was a final option.

Google translator??? Yes it was used too. 

I got all thumbs up on this lesson. Thanks Mari for being a great friend and sharing your lesson. 

I finally was able to get these displayed with the second grader's cup cakes.

I have two big display cases with glass shelves.
I was able to display half of my 5th grade gum ball machines,
 and all of the 2nd graders clay cupcakes.

The cupcake lesson was a simplified version of this lesson from The Art of Education. 
We did not add the coil on the lid. It was basically two pinch-pots. We used a silicon cup cake liner for the base. I popped them out the mold the next day and added their name to the bottoms. 

Happy Colors!

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