Saturday, December 7, 2013

Texas Texture: 2013 Ice storm

 When I left school on Thursday... this was the view inside my Mini. 

We went to bed knowing school was canceled as the freezing rain continued 
Thursday night and Friday morning. 

This was our view at sunrise as we made coffee in the kitchen

As I walked around the inside of the house I heard cracking from outside.....

Our beautiful Live Oak! 

My husband had spent hours last weekend cleaning the yard and decorating. 
I am still so sad over this tree. 
 We bundled up and went out with a neighbor to start cutting limbs to avoid more damage. 
We ventured across the street to the school. More limbs down, 
but I was blown away by the texture the ice created on various surfaces. 

It was in the 80's last week.. leaves were still on the trees and
Knock out Roses were still blooming.

It hasn't gotten above freezing today, so we have been house bound.
We are  so thankful that we didn't lose power. Many teachers I know are still without power. 
The temps are to warm above freezing tomorrow. Yeah!!
Stay warm and safe everyone!