Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Olympic Games in the Art Room

My third grade students are finishing their Olympic self portrait figures this week. 

We started creating our paper doll like figure out of skin toned paper a few weeks ago.
(remember the oval people that are 7 1/2 heads tall?!)
This was the part of the lesson that made me feel like I was giving Blood! I had to laugh out loud when I read Cassie Stephens Blog recently about figure drawing and could so relate!
We finally got the figures drawn in ...proportion and started adding clothes. Yikes.

We spent some time reading Time for Kids and looking at various media and identifying
 types of Olympic sports apparel. Did you know that Pop Tarts is a sponsor? 

After the initial outfit was made, they had star punches, metallic pens,
 and star stickers available for the details. I think we have enough stars punched for the year!

I am going to laminate them so that they don't lose any limbs and display them for open house. 

I wanted to give credit to Matt Gomez and his amazing post about the Olympics.
He is a wonderful Kindergarten teacher in our school district.

I used it to educate the student's and we really enjoyed his hard work. 


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