Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Almost 1/2 way finished with Summer School

These super fun statue's were drawn first on 12 x 18 white sulfite paper with sharpie. The student's tissue painted the statue with water and bleeding tissue paper. 
The background was 12 x 18 black paper. 
The fireworks were drawn with my new favorite tempera sticks.

The following day we brushed off the tissue papers and removed the background.
 We had a few medical emergencies (her arm or neck got cut off) but just glue it to the background. 

We watched this cool video and read a few books too about this wonderful landmark.

A wonderful summer lesson!

The bulk of my inspiration this summer came from Cassie Stephens. 

I am teaching a new class this summer, Art and Artist's Around the World to grade 2/3. 
I have the past teacher's  16 lesson plans, but being a creative person, I created a new format. 
Thank goodness for Pinterest and the WWW and most of all Cassie Stephens. I discovered many interesting things about her this year. We share the same birthday and graduated from the same University. Yes, I am older than she is, but I feel her way of teaching art is similar to mine. 
Cassie has shared many of her around the world art lesson's on her blog. I pinned away during those state testing days in April.  We are enjoying them along with a mixture of other lesson's I found too. The most challenging part of the lesson has been the large class size. I did have a co teacher added, 
so I haven't worn myself completely out yet.....

I pre-made the passports I added sheets that I have pinned on my Pinterest Summer School board. 
As we visit each country we date and stamp each page. 

The fish were fun and my co teacher hung them up in the display case today for me. Yeah!

While in Europe, you get to visit castles!

So we made clay relief castles. I hope these turn out ok after we use a crayon resist glazing method the last week. Isn't scary trying new lessons everyday??? I think it is adventurous too. Adventurous and tired... going to take a nap, the good thing about Summer School... 
it ends at 1 pm and is only 4 days a week. 
More pictures to come since we are only half way though.....


here are the finished castles.....

we finished the castles with a crayon resist "Glaze" of construction paper crayons, with one color of watercolor paint and mod podge. 

The flags are inserted into holes made while the clay was wet. I used toothpicks and 
duct tape for the flags. 

I was soooooo happy that these turned out so well. A keeper. 

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