Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cleaned up and Recycled!

I spent two day last week working at my school after the children left. We had to make up two contract days due to the ice event in December. Since I am teaching a Summer art class for my school district in my art classroom this year, I was able to write lesson plans and get materials somewhat started. 
I cleaned out the paint cabinet. Yuck!

Our district turns off the air conditioning at 4 pm and does not run it on days that we are not in the building. I discovered a few years ago that the large gallons of paint expand and smell awful after being exposed to the Texas heat. I only buy the pints size bottles now. I emptied up all the mostly used up bottles by mixing new colors for my summer school kids.
 I recycled these Prang and Crayola bottles too!

I poured the almost emptied bottles of colors together in ziplock storage bowls.
yellow + white = lemonade
yellow + orange = dreamsicle
black + brown = blackbrown duh
blue + green + white = sea green
magenta + white = hot pink
red + orange = tomato 
blue + violet = indigo

I found this cool color site over at Crayola that has the top 50 colors! You can learn the science behind colors and fun facts about the color's meaning. 

While browsing my favorite artsy blogs I noticed that Laura over at Painted Paper has her student's use up the left over paint at the end of the year painting paper for the following year. I may use her idea the  last day of Summer School and have my kiddo's do the same for us in August! 
Thanks for the great idea Laura! 

Another awesome blogger, Patty at Deep Space Sparkle has many suggestions for storing and using up and mixing new colors on her awesome blog too. Thanks Patty. 

In addition to cleaning out the paint I also sent back 14 pounds of dried 
Crayola Markers from my school.
 Follow the link to find out how to do this too! 

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