Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Royal Selfies

We finished up this monumental lesson today. This lesson took a good three hours to complete. The kids were champions for taking it on and finishing so nicely. We were all happy. 

This is another lesson that I grabbed and ran with from Cassie Stephens. She did this with 1st graders, my student's were a year older.  I did modify the lesson. We used construction paper for the faces and head and neck tracers. We used oil pastels for the face without using pencil first. Yikes.
We also did not paint the paper that we wove for the royal tunic. They used 

These metallic sticks are amazing! I plan to order more for my classroom this fall. 
No mess and you can even paint over them with great results too. 

I was challenged with my hair color mixing ability, since I am not the hair expert. They loved painting the hair, but I would recommend premixing some colors like blond and black/brown. 
I monitored the class,  and helped with the styling! 

My co teacher made tracers for the crowns and we used metallic scrapbook paper for the crowns instead of painting them. I had a lot of jewels for them to pick from so that they could
 bedazzle themselves silly.  

A few pictures from my trip to London in 2004

 (My oldest daughter, 10 years ago)

We are leaving London today for Paris. See you on the other side of the pond! 

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