Saturday, July 12, 2014

Popular Bulletin Boards

Did you know that Art teachers have other school jobs besides just teaching art? 
One of my responsibilities is the display areas in the main hallway on my campus. I have this huge board outside my classroom door that is usually my first display of the school year. 
Last year our District theme was "Be Bold Be Bright"... so I added the Art part. 

This summer I added our Statues of Liberty.
(but forgot to take a picture of it on the board)

Below are some of my favorites from years past.
 You might wonder why I would spend this 100 degree Saturday in Texas writing a blog post.
 (Yes, it's the first 100 degree day this summer)
I was motivated when I discovered last night that the I am an Artist board was 
listed on BuzzFeed this week! Nothing like a little attention to make my day. 

This Kandinsky displayed 1st grade lesson is my most popular post,
and displayed on the same wall space that has brought 
a lot of traffic to this blog.

Here are a few more on the same space from years past. 

Another version.....

The first version.....



In addition to this board the other side of the hallway has these wonderful painted frames to display art work inside with sticky tack. 

There is another set of display cases along with this one to showcase 3D art work. 

I loved this one from October and November 2013.

I always have my student teacher's showcase the lesson they write and teach too.
 Here was this year's Super Hero display assembles by my super student teacher. 

Needless to say,
 I love being an advocate for the Art program as well as my students. 
I proudly display their work all year long. 


  1. Beautiful displays! I have a very large bulletin board in my K-2 school that's in the main hallway that I rotate displays on. I always start out with a welcome board until we have work to dislpay and end with a have a great summer board that stays up through summer. Throughout the school year it is filled with student art work! :)

  2. Love the cheeseburgers! I've done a project that's similar. Great blog. Check out mine too!


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