Sunday, September 21, 2014

Star Parking this week for ME!

My principal awarded me the Star Parking spot this week. She said I am a Technology Pioneer. 
At first I thought she meant I was old... I am one of the older teachers on my campus. 
But she said, "No like the Pioneer Woman! "

(Yes, I have all her cookbooks and record her show every Saturday.. so I felt flattered with that comparison. My husband wishes I generated her income!)

But this technology shouldn't be so hard... 
I am learning Google. Google Docs and Google Drive and sharing Google Docs.  
In addition, I haven't been blogging much since I have set up a Google Site for my classroom. 
I need more time with it to see if it is worth the time, 
and to find out if anyone is looking at it. 
I tried to add a web counter and that isn't working .... yet. 

(but I did figure out tiny url thing.)

I am also working with our new librarian on Google Classroom for our PLN Technology team. 
That is pretty cool. She also set up a Pinterest Site for the teachers at our school.
 I have been pinning away!

I also have been working on my tweeting. I set up a class twitter last year and really enjoy the feedback I have gotten from this. But, my main frustration is that I can't use the school wifi and my phone to use it. I have to upload the pictures to my computer and then tweet from there. Otherwise, I get zapped with data on my personal phone. Every teacher is now being asked to set up a Twitter page, so I may have to make my voice heard a little louder on this issue. 

All of this has been in addition to Teaching. The kids have been fun $#&% and full of excitement with hugs everyday. I also have a student teacher. I always feel so bad when they look at me with puppy eyes as they find out I am not teaching the lesson. It's  very hard sharing your kids and your room. Three more weeks and we are back on track. 

Oh, I have to give a shout out to School Speciality. This was my order recently. 
The watercolors shook out of the box and were stuck and melted to the glaze. 
They are resending the order. 

I am not a complainer, but we have to speak up and be an advocate for our time and money as we pioneer our way through new technology, teachers, staff and not get stuck doing the 
same old thing!!! 

Have a Sparkling week!


  1. My district is using Google Apps this year! Everyone has an account teachers and kids... I started a Google Site but have some things i still need to do with it before I'm satisfied... I find the Google sites harder to work with than my Blogspot site. I still have a lot of learning to do with Google Apps. The school gave us some training at the beginning of the year but it was just an overview. It will take some time but I'll get! Congrats on Star parking! :)

  2. Way to go, Beth! I loved your blog post. Skaggs is lucky to have you as a Tech Pioneer! Enjoy that Star parking!

  3. Thank you Leah for stoping by with a nice comment! Your team inspires us every time.


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