Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Twitter #pisdartchat topic questions 1.22.15 8:30 CST

Please join me ...and many of our peers, as I drive the twitter bus for my first time. 
I am hosting Thursday's art chat. 
The topic is a good one: blogging and social media in the art room.
 I need my peeps to be there, and to be kind as I branch out into the twitter world of chatting.
 I am filling in for my awesome boss lady @grundlerart. 
 She supplied the questions and I am manning the twitter! 
Prayers please LOL!
Check my previous post for more details. 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks for showing up! it was fast but not as scary as I thought.

  2. Hi! This looks really great! How can I comment and see the conversation? Ms. Gram (from and myself are presenting at NAEA in March about this very topic.
    --Artwithmsk (@artwithmsk on twitter)

    1. I couldn't reply the other day, blogger must have been broken. Follow @grundlerart on twitter. She will be at NAEA hosting the #pisdartchat. Good luck! Wish I was going.


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