Thursday, March 12, 2015

Youth Art Month lesson #YAM #BigArtDay15

The #YAM and #BigArtDay art show is hanging up. The 3rd graders have been telling me this was there "most favorite art project."

Who knew painting on 12 inch cardboard circles from School Specialty could be so successful? 

I was inspired by a post over at Cassie Stephen's site for Dot Day for this lesson and came up with my own twist on her successful lesson. Thanks Cassie. 

My kiddo's did have an art history starter to this lesson looking at the 

 circle paintings by Kandinsky and learning his importance in Art History.

Then using black oil pastels we took a line walk on the white side of the cardboard.

No pencils! 

The conversation started like this....
1. Draw a straight line
2. Draw line that intersects the first line
3. Draw a curve line
4. Draw a zig zag line........and so on

Then we review the primary and secondary colors.
1. Paint one shape yellow
2. Paint one shape orange etc.
Any left over shapes were free choice or Black.

With some classes we had to do this in one day since we had bad weather days, but I would recommend two class times. I really wanted them to listen to classical music and enjoy painting.

On the second day the student's finished painting and then flipped over the cardboard and painted the back black with liquid Prang black paint and a big brush. Wow, that was messy but fun. 

Let that dry until the next the case of my snow days, I painted the backs black.
The cardboard warps if you only paint one side we discovered.

On day 3, I had boxes with circle shapes and dot makers and cardboard cut for straight lines for each table. I did a brief demo and gave each student a plate with White Gesso for stamping.

As they finished, and the paint did dry quickly some student's who BYOD (Bring Their Own Devise)
took pictures of both sides of the art work too upload to their digital Art Portfolio the created on Discovery Education's Board Builder. 

(I have two mini ipads in the art room and 4 computers. We also used cameras, but I have to upload the pictures, so it's not as quick as the ipads.)

Any who... the next part was hanging the art work with paper clips for Open House, Big Art Day.

Thanks mom helpers!

then it snowed again.... so it will be next week.

What do you and your campus or community do for Youth Art Month?

Join us tonight #K12ArtChat on Twitter and be part of the conversation!

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