Monday, November 7, 2016

#ATCSwap update

My 5th graders participated in the #ATCswap that Minimatisse organized this year. My goal is for my students to learn that art it not just inside the classroom, but everywhere. 
I have to say as a teacher, this was very exciting for me and the students were equally excited.

Dot Day was a blast! Using the 2.5 x 3.5 canvas we were free to experiment.

I used some of Nic's awesome lessons on her her blog and youtube site also. Thanks!!

These were some of our Gelli and leaf stamping experimentation cards.

Each weeks art lesson had a theme and the student collected their cards in pocket sleeves in a folder.
This was a great way to check for understanding and making sure they were on task.  
The students also uploaded their cards onto their Creatubbles page. 
Look for me on Creatubbles
I documented our progress as a time line on my school 
@skaggsart twitter account and my Instagram account. 
BTW I also wrote my teacher goal for my professional development to fit this global theme. 

I also ordered the self inking stamp Nic recommended but personalized it for our school. 

Thanks Gina, at

We mailed 182 cards on Friday. We will get back 182 cards after the New Year for the students to add to their Trading Card folder. I am also planning a local trade with two other school in Plano that participated in December so that my kiddos can have at least 3 other cards from other students. The hardest part was giving up their cards. I hope that the new year will open their eyes to receiving art from other kids and learning that art is not inside the classroom, but everywhere. 


  1. This is so, so, so exciting. I love your post. It's going to be so much fun to get the art back from the trade.

    1. I can't thank you enough! This activity brightened my day every week as well as my students. The conversations have been wonderful too.


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