Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Passion is Purpose

Who inspires you and how can you stay inspired so that you can stay passionate in the classroom?
On Saturday, the Queen of the art classroom, Cassie Stephens, shared with the Texas Art Teachers her path to creating a successful blog that has inspired so many teachers. 

As I spent time with her, almost every teacher that stopped to have a picture taken with her commented how inspirational her blog was during times of need.
 Not all of the teachers were women and not all teachers were young. 
It was a very diverse group. 

This teacher in the background is my favorite.
 Laura and Cassie didn't see the art teacher havin a snack until later!

Her message was Simply Amazing.
Having passionate art making in your life keeps you parallel to your art career. 
Both passions feed off of each other.

I don't know how she does it, but her humor reached us all in the audience, with a dash of tears too.

Following her keynote speech we hustled her to a classroom for her Needle Felting workshop.

Our organization provided 75 kits from Sue @ Back to Back Fiber. About 25 more teachers joined to listen.

Everyone started with a pallet version of a hair clip tutorial. 
Some of the amazing art teachers brought items to felt onto also.

She also showed how to do additional tricks like monograms. Check out her youtube .

This is our Dallas Team!
Tracy Evans, Laura Grundler, Cassie, Matt Grundler and myself

This was by far the most fun and successful conference I have attended. 
Thank you Cassie!



  1. You are the!! I had a wonderful time, the happiest of memories and so many lovely souvenirs. I never told you: i was COMPLETELY packed up without a space to spare when I walked into my "living room" and saw THE BASKET OF GIFTS. I did some interesting repacking to get it all home, ha! Thank you so stinkin' much!!

    1. You are beyond fun to hang out with. Happy New Year friend.

  2. I was wondering how you got all of your treats home. You are welcome. Hanging and listening to you was the highlight of my art teachin career!!

  3. I would have loved to have been in that session! Jan


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