Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Global Connections

I am currently taking part in a very Creative and fun global connection with Creatubbles. 
 I was asked to be a part of a dynamic Plano Texas team of 4 art teacher teammates using the
 Creatubbles app and website to share art and learn globally. 

I have always felt that being the only art teacher on a single campus is very isolating. 
Blogging has opened new windows and allowed me to learn from teachers around the world. 
 Our school district uses Creatubbles to allow students to do the same by sharing and receiving
 bubbles as the share their art using the Creatubbles website and app as a digital portfolio. 

On October 12th, art teachers, students and parents will be able to connect through 

What is Creatubbles?  Think of it as a safe Pinterest like place for students to share and receive feed back for their artwork with bubbles and comments,  if you enable. 
You can post your students work or your students can post their work 
when are using the app or personal devices. Just look for the gallery's below and post. 
  You and your students can view artwork from global students including our global teammates from Italy, Japan, UK and here in Plano Texas. 

Here are the listings of the preset boards that students and teachers can post to and follow others. 

There are tutorials on their site to guide you to posting and viewing. 

 (don't you like the little creative friends in the top left corner created by my student? ↖)

If you would like to follow my students and our Creatubbles site click here

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