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Cowhand Self Portraits in Kindergarten

We finally had Snow in North Texas! The Kindergarten loved the Penguins and Winter trees!

After a record HOT HOT HOT year in North Texas, our winter has been mild. I have only done one winter lesson. As a native Hoosier, I miss the winter tree lessons I grew up with. Here is my version thanks to Snowflake Bentley. !

My favorite Still life lesson!

This is a multi media lesson that takes about 4 class periods.  I begin by reading, " Camile and the Sunflowers." We make a symmetrical vase the first day with a 4in square paper. I use china markers to trace and copy the pattern on the folded paper. We create a background with crayon, texture plates and water color. We then follow by drawing at least three different points of view sunflowers after viewing real( silk) sunflowers. We trace these with china marker. We follow up by painting one flower, using oil pastel on one and marker on the third. Any other flowers they make are FREE Choice. We cut and assemble the last day!! [gallery columns="2"]

Kandinsky inspired concentric circles!

I love the freedom of this lesson. The students drew with their paint brush and alternated warm and cool colors!

1st Grade Chinese New Year kites!

We made masks and added a tail of stamped patterns and tissue tales to make our own Chinese Kites!

Cowhand Self Portraits in Kindergarten