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Clay and Weaving!

I'm brave, I tried a new lesson again.... I can say as we are completing these clay frames that you have to follow some basic rules or you will have broken frames. We have had only 3, but I did make extras.  My 4th graders tackled this lesson with stoneware clay, and finished them with oil pastels, one color of watercolor paint and I painted modge podge on them when dry.   The texture is the key part of the coloring process! I have rollers and rubber texture mats.  At least pencil think and more than 2 fingers in width.  You need some lid tracers and a pin tool. Don't try to cookie cutter it.  I strongly recommend 15 or 19 holes punched with a straw. You must have an odd number!! If they go hole craze, pop out the clay from the straw and plug the holes.  I found the directions for weaving the warp threads here on Cassie Stephen's blog.   I am also doing her plate weaving at the same time with 2nd grade.  This is ho

Holiday Fun!

I haven't blogged in so long and I miss it!  I have had the most upside down year at school and it ended with a bang on last Friday.  The semester started of with a huge struggle in my classroom with a  recent student teacher. It took me the second nine weeks to rebound and get back on track. Our amazing office manger and principal planned many fun activities that involved twitter the last week of the semester  and a Sonic drink cart. Thanks Shelley and Jamey! Do you Twitter? I have had a door into my classroom with twitter for two years now and love it.  Check out my classroom @ skaggsart I began tweeting last year, but our school made it the IN thing this year. We have Twitter Tasks of the day that involve teacher and student tweets.  Here are a few #ttt from the week in our Photo booth. Each day had a theme....  Team Shirts  Christmas shirts Scarf day I had planned santa hat day for the last day at our assembly. My team got me good