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Day of the Dead

We are finally finishing up our Oil Pastel Sugar Skulls in 4th grade this week and learning about the Mexican Holiday Dia de los Muertos On week one I introduce the lesson with books and videos such as this one below. We used chrome books and ipads to learn to draw skulls using this awesome site: The student's drew the skull big on Tru Ray Black  that I cut into a 9 x 12 size of construction paper.  Good paper is the key to keep it from falling apart in the water at the end. They traced all pencil lines with a small piece of white hotel soap.   The lines appear gray.  Then they begin coloring all the white first with small circular strokes being careful not to go onto the soap line. It takes about two class periods to color. here is a picture of the small chunks of white hotel soap bars. Put the paper into a tray of water to wash away the soap. I dry on newspaper on my drying