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#ATCswap update

The New Year is days away.  As I reflect on the past semester,  participating in the #ATCswap was the highlight of my school year.  It was like Christmas opening the cards we received from Nic Haun's amazing swap.  The excitement was global. My student's received two packets of cards from Italy.  I was able to use my projector to show the kids this amazing post from  which showed how her creative and talented students created the cards they received.  Thank you Miriam for sending your treasures and creating a post to link the global trading card process. Thank you Nic for pulling it all together in your informative blog post here .  Nic had the teachers create wrapping paper that provided a Pen Pal like information sheet to their students and where they live. Loving geography like I do, this was my favorite part.  We sent our cards that we created from this post.   Kim in Kimball NE even added a picture of her schoo