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Metallic Coil Pottery Success

We are winding down to the last 12 days of school and I have run short of time to glaze fire. Our state STAAR tests were moved to May this year so my schedule changed.  Sometime the oppsies turn out to be good problems.  I am cleaning out my cabinets since I have to downsize and move into a smaller room next door,  and I forgot that I ordered these amazing Sargent metallic paints in the fall.  They go on smooth and you don't need much when painting. They also dry super fast.  My 4th graders painted their bisque ware coil pottery in one class time and took it home today.  We actually did this project in two class periods using zip lock bags.  In class one, I introduced  Coil pottery and we looked at the work of Maria Martinez and her beautiful coil pottery.  The  4th graders cut a slab for the base and began rolling coils.  We slipped and scored but left the coil texture unlike the smooth finish that Maria Martinez created

Pinterest inspired Mother's Day Sculpture

Here is my take on a Pinterest inspired Mother's Day Spring Bouquet that I found recently.... My 1st graders created a painted paper stem paper on 12 x 18 paper using tempera paint and paint scrapers. Who wants to use a boring piece of green paper?  I had different green paper's for them to choice from.  And on a 9 x 12 pink paper that I pre-folded for them in 6 squares,  they painted flowers using  Rose Colors. I had them paint an orange dot in the middle first  and then we painted the flowers  Painted Paper style. I also used Laura's lesson to paint these flowers in our hallway. Love them!  On day two we put the sculpture together.  The student's fan folded the green paper. This was harder than I thought. I stapled it at the top. They then added flower details with oil pastels and cut the flowers out. One of my super smart artist boys figured out that we need to taco fold the flowers  before we glued them.