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Color Mapping

My good friend Karen finally shared her award winning lesson with me.  It is a wonderful exploration into  non-Objective watercolor painting based on color theory.  I had to refresh my vocabulary while presenting this to my amazing 4th graders last week.  We explored the world of Tertiary or Intermediate colors. Here are the basic supplies  fine point sharpie, prang paints 90 lb cold press  watercolor paper, and a color wheel. I review with my students the primary and secondary colors with part of this video. We have so many new ELL student's and this was a great tutorial. After setting our table to paint, the students painted a ribbon color wheel.  We started with yellow, leaving a space a painting another amorphic shape of the secondary color orange. Using a wet brush they pulled the colors together to make the Tertiary color shape.  We used small color wheels to progress around the wheel and painting a large snake or rib

Do Ink Career Selfies

I finally have 6 iPads in my classroom. We jumped right into using them with the Do Ink Green screen app . The student's created themselves in a future job using marker on card stock. The green straws were a donation from Starbucks!  The student's added a background picture from safe picture sights that I linked on my notes.   Here were my directions. Find a free background picture to copy on or                                         Links are on your Ipad’s notes app Download the picture you want or take a screenshot of it. Crop the picture with the edit. (remove the surrounding junk and adjust color) make the picture your own image by changing it. Save this photo as your Background to the Camera roll. I made mini green screens that were desk size.  They are are so cute! I have them saved on my google pictures via the Ipads. It is such a learning process but they loved it.