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Twitter #pisdartchat topic questions 1.22.15 8:30 CST

Please join me ...and many of our peers, as I drive the twitter bus for my first time.  I am hosting Thursday's art chat.  The topic is a good one: blogging and social media in the art room.  I need my peeps to be there, and to be kind as I branch out into the twitter world of chatting.  I am filling in for my awesome boss lady @grundlerart.   She supplied the questions and I am manning the twitter!  Prayers please LOL! Check my previous post for more details. 

#pisdartchat 1/22/15 8:30 Central Time

I am hosting an art educator themed twitter chat for the first time this Thursday  on my professional twitter site @bacarter77  I am filling in for @grundlerart our regular MC.  Have you ever participated  in a twitter chat, or do you just watched?  My friend @artwithbailey created this friendly poster for our district chats on Tuesday nights.  Our #tag will be #pisdartchat on Thursday night for Art Educators.  The 45 minutes topic will be about Social Media in the Art Classroom.  Please consider joining us on Thursday.  I have been know to set my timer on my phone.  I am using TweetDeck to schedule the questions ahead of time too.  Check back this week on Thursday for the questions! 

Art Portfolio's then and now!

Art Portfolios then  and now...... Discovery Education Resource for the Art Room I attended Board Builder training yesterday. I had no idea what it was as we logged in to our district's Discovery Education website.  I was blown away by the Board Builder section on this site. It is amazing. Not only can student's watch videos about our learning, but a student can make a digital Portfolio board and store the images in the Discovery cloud instead of on our district servers. The bonus, the kids can do it themselves.   First the kids logged in and set up their Portfolio Board. They could set the fonts, colors etc. The Fun Part!  I had them make a section for each piece of art work they have  completed so far this year.  They can also do this from home or on indoor recess days.  The second part involved using our new IPad mini's.  Some of my students also BYOD. (Bring their own device) They took pictures of their art work, crop

The Golden Globes of Art Bloggers!

Have you visited my blog and borrowed and idea or art lesson?    If so please consider nominating my little blog here   for a chance to display an award winning sticker and a chance to share the joy of art education with the amazing teachers at The Art of Ed. Below is the nitty gritty!  Here’s where YOU come in! We need your nominations to get started! If you have a favorite blog you’d like to tell us about, scroll down to see the categories. When you’re ready, click the “Nominate!” buttons and fill out the required information. Nominations will be open from now until 5 pm CST on Thursday, January 15th, 2015. A few notes about nominating: You are welcome to nominate your own blog. You are welcome to nominate more than one blog. Be sure to include why you like the blog. What sets it apart? Nominations are anonymous. We can’t tell who nominates which blogs.   Have a Wonderful Week!