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Rain Rain go away!

If you watch the news then you know we have had record rain here in North Texas for the month of May. The gardens are growing in and outside of the classroom, but enough is enough! My fifth graders just finished these amazing one day pinch pots.... They used Sax underglaze with a clear coat to finish last week.  It is hard to get the clay to dry out and find a non stormy day to run the kiln this month! We have had 3 inches of rain on Saturday.... not to mention the amount falling right now.  my little garden is lush... but  it needs some sunlight to ripen the tomatoes.  Third Grade is working on their last project.... We looked at Rufino Tamayo's   paintings and drew repeated slices with oil pastels. 12 x 18 white sulfite paper Sax tempera cakes love these...I know I pinned this idea from Pinterest but can't find the pin.. Thanks to whoever originally posted this lesson. 

Gardening in my classroom

Kindergarten's annual Mothers's Day bouquets are blooming from the April Showers.  We had a record amount of rain here in North Texas last month.  The lakes in our county are finally full. Hopefully the drought will go away.  The kiddo's have not been out to recess very much,  but a garden has bloomed in the classroom and my personal garden has too.  I even have tomatoes! We have created Mother's day flower sculptures. We have Painted flowers in first grade....check out Laura at Painted Paper  for fabulous ideas.  We have also created Clay pinch pot flower vases. Second grade students are studying plants so these sunflower collages and pinch pots worked well cross curricular.  Check out Mrs. Knights site for more of these awesome creations. I had enough clay left in my cabinet for 5th grade to make a second project. I can't wait to see how these turn out...  Stay tuned!