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Action Figures!

 Action figures inspired by the artist Miriam Shapiro.  Schapiro, Miriam (1923) I'm Dancing As I Can I think this is my favorite printmaking lesson. I haven't done this lesson in years, but this was the group to do it with! I love these creative kids! They are so motivating.   Instead of just drawing themselves in proportion, we made printing plates with printmaking foam.   On day 3, we made background papers and refered to the art work of Miriam Shapiro . We used ink and texture brayers. I have some really old ink I am trying to use up! I also have some construction paper that is old and faded that worked well. Today, we printed one of two prints. I had to post some of these and will update as we go. The students got very excited to use the tools!  I need to remind the second group to slow down and make quality prints.!   It was very exciting but very messy!! I know they will look awesome in the ha

Art Night/Open House

  I always love seeing the student work displayed in our hallway for Art Night during our school open house. This year I was really fond of the 4th grader's art work that was displayed together. I go back and forth each year about what looks best and how it should be displayed. I think the Texas Art work really looked nice, and the black paper the PTA mom's picked really made the artwork pop! I may rethink the other grade level's art work choices next year! Now onto the last nine weeks!!       

I Passed!

All elementary teachers in my district are being required to add ESL to our  teaching certification by next January or not have our contracts renewed. I have had many sleepless nights and stressful days in my attempt to pass this test.  I took the ESL test once in November and was unsuccessful. I cried and felt like a loser.  I decided to get a better attitude, work with a tutor and come up with a plan to pass!  I just wanted to get it over with. I studied my &$@& off for two weeks, and took the test on Tuesday morning. I am on spring break this week so I felt pretty rested! My stomach was doing flips and it took me 3 hours to take the 70 question test. I finally got the email today that the scores were posted and I passed!   I cried and felt sick as I tried to open the testing site from my IPhone while my husband was driving. Thank goodness it is over. I can now concentrate on the last 9 weeks of teaching ART and cooking the recipes we fixed at my birthday

Stinking cute Artists!

I found this lesson years ago on Artsonia. I originally taught this lesson in my Kindergarten classes, but thought I would use it with my first graders this year. I wanted the display to be up for YAM and open house too.  I have gotten so many complements on it, I think I will teach it again next year.  I started the lesson off by having the kids look at art prints that show self portraits by artists. We also read "I am an Artist." We discussed professional artist tools and I had visuals and vocabulary words to go with them. I included them on my bulletin board too. On day one of the lesson the kids drew their full self portrait. I folded the small piece of paper in half for the middle of their body and we drew a pant and skirt version of a kid together. I had mirrors on the table for them too finish off the self portrait with their likeness. They did such a good job!! We traced with a fine sharpie and used crayons to color. I ran the pictures thru the lami

Georgia's Bones

Lesson Update.....I did this lesson last year, but had some great drawings finished for our art show this week. ............... July 2012 One of my favorite new lessons this past school year was inspired by a longhorn skull we purchased at Trading Days in McKinney Texas. I used a print by Georgia O'Keeffe and my favorite book about her, My Name is Georgia . The students did a direct drawing of the longhorn skull using contour lines and a value study. The second part of the lesson involved weaving painted papers together for a rug effect. I had the students paint a cool paper 12 x 18 inch paper, and warm 12 x 18 inch paper using paint scrapers for a woven look. This lesson allowed the 4th graders to safisfy many of our Texas State requirements.      

Art Gifts!

My wonderful PTA gave each team a cash gift to buy items for our classroom. I was able to purchase some fun brushes, fish and ink for my stamping center.  I just opened the boxes that arrived today from  School Specialty . I am excited!! I know some kids will be too! 

Promoting the Arts during Youth Art Month

(I am trying as I get ready for Open House) My art teacher friend Renee, created this great note for her YAM bulletin board that has a QR code. She was nice enough to shared it with me. (Ok, now I need to figure out how to make one of those too!)  I copied her idea, and I am having my CTA make a poster on our big poster maker printer for our Open House.  Don't you love it when Art Teachers share! ____________________________________________________________________________________ Does your family have plans for Spring Break? Visit the Dallas Museum of Art!! The Dallas Museum of art has may activities planned for Spring Break.    As of this January, the Dallas Museum of Art now has FREE admission for EVERYONE!!   While you are at the DMA, look for the C3 (Center for Creative Connections). It is a hands on area designed for children to look at and create their own art that they may take home.