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Chinese New Year Lanterns in 3rd and 4th Grade

The beginning of the winter semester is always unpredictable. We miss days and have interruptions with holidays and college week. I decided to start off the semester with winter and Chinese new year themed projects.  I found this Chinese lesson on Instagram. I share my personal pictures and some some art lessons on my BethCarter77 site. Some teachers have a totally separate classroom site.  I don't, but I save those posts for my class twitter site.  Check out this awesome CNY site with worksheets and Videos too! Back to Instagram, I love Instagram and I love photos and the friends that I have made on IG.  I found Mr. DeWilde and this great Chinese New Year Lantern lesson in a feed of Art Teachers that post on Instagram.  He was also nice enough to share with me his paper sizes. Check him out! The red paper on the large lantern is 9 x 12 and the gold/yellow paper is 7 x 9. Fold it like a Hot dog, and make thick or then cuts to a guide line throug