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Digital Learners: What will work best in your classroom

As I posted previously , my older students in grades 3,4, and 5 are using the  Creatubbles Ipad app for the first time this year to create a digital portfolio. I recently relocated classrooms into a smaller setting and this seemed like the perfect time to implement this hot format of sharing art work and showing student growth. We jumped right into setting up our gallery's this week after our school district issued our student log in and passwords for each student in our schools.  This digital cloud is a new way for us to promote our program outside the walls of our school and it allows students to globally share their art work.  Creatubbles is not the only format available, but the format our school district chose  after testing a few last year. Each school in our district is participating in digital portfolios. I was invited to share my experience as well as two of my teaching buddies, Matt Grundler and Tracy Evans here in Plano Texas, by the amazing bloggers

Digital Portfolios Digital Learners

I moved classrooms and now it fees like I am on the HGTV Tiny Houses in my Tiny art room. What a good excuse to create Student Digital Portfolio's.  Our District has decided to use the Creatubbles app. We are going to be getting the student log in information and passwords any day now. I plan to have the students grades 3, 4 and 5 use this portfolio method this year. I will try to add on 2nd grade during the second semester.   I have 6 Art Ipads and can also check out Ipads from our library on the day's we might need more. Our student's are also able to BYOD to school. I allow students to bring their own device daily.  Many are now in the habit of taking pictures of their work or taking photos of a work in progress.  The Creatubble site is amazing. Students upload their work and have to enter a Title and Artist Statement for their work. My arty friend Tracy, recommended having the students that are first finishers write this on the back of comple