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A Liebster Award?

I like this award already for two reasons! It's Saturday and it has a heart on it!  Thank you  Art On My Hands! The rules for accepting this award state: Answer the following questions. ok  (This is such a good idea for back to school season. I think I will use the same questions as a ice breaker for my team next week.) 1. What is your favorite activity for your down time? My down time is usually on a Saturday. I love going to water aerobics, playing words with friends, going to a movie with my husband, getting pedicures with my daughters and fixing a family dinner.   2. What one thing is most important to your personal success? My family!  3. If you could make one wish and have it come true, what would it be for? Good Health for my family, student's and friends.  4. Why did you decide to be a blogger? I love to share my creative passion of teaching art and I felt it was a way to challenge myself with technology.  5. What do you do for your

Cleaning Art

I have been busy cleaning out closets and organizing my pictures. I can across this YouTube that made me laugh!  I took the above picture of Dale Chihuly Fireworks of Glass Sculpture  when I was visiting my daughter who interned at the  Children's Museum  in my hometown of Indianapolis a few summers ago. If you ever get a chance to visit, it is a must! I will keep cleaning! Two weeks left of my summer!