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Summer Learning

In the middle of our fast lives I  discovered this glorious sunflower field down the street from our house, and behind the Walmart at US 75 and Exchange Parkway here in Allen Texas!  Beautiful does not describe it! I keep waiting for my summer to slow down, but it has been fast and furious! In addition to starting summer school on Monday, I teach 6 year olds in a class called Art Fantasy World, I have been attending my district's SOL classes in the afternoon.   I came away with two websites that I wanted to share.  If you are feeling creative, its too hot outside,or you are feeling nerdy......go check out QR This is the code for my blog. I used Qrafter App on my Iphone to read the code I made on the QR Stuff website. We discussed ways to use this as a tool to communicate with students and parents. We also discussed how to have the student's generate the QR codes to connect their lessons to content online. The ideas are endless! The second