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NEW Classroom Management system in my art room.

I read about some great classroom management techniques on Jessica's blog The Art of Education . I love the Timed Timer. My kids love the Timed Timer. It is my favorite new classroom tool!! I am also using her quiet working technique with the letters ART. Very cool!

A new school year!

I came up with this 5th grade patterned hand lesson last year after seeing many versions on Pinterest. Our school district has a back to school theme each year that I try to include in my displays. This year we are Bold and Brilliant. I am excited by the art connections and equally excited about a new school year!

Art Technology

The beginning of the school year always brings PDH classes with new options to organize the way we use technology. A new system to organize art links is called LiveBinders . I will use this system io limit the sites my students can us in the art classroom. The free site is also available as an IPAD app.<;;a href="http:// Elementary Art Class Websites ">;;my Binder