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Star Parking this week for ME!

My principal awarded me the Star Parking spot this week. She said I am a Technology Pioneer.  At first I thought she meant I was old... I am one of the older teachers on my campus.  But she said, "No like the Pioneer Woman ! " (Yes, I have all her cookbooks and record her show every Saturday.. so I felt flattered with that comparison. My husband wishes I generated her income!) But this technology shouldn't be so hard...  I am learning Google. Google Docs and Google Drive and sharing Google Docs.   In addition, I haven't been blogging much since I have set up a Google Site for my classroom.  I need more time with it to see if it is worth the time,  and to find out if anyone is looking at it.  I tried to add a web counter and that isn't working .... yet. (but I did figure out tiny url thing.) I am also working with our new librarian on Google Classroom for our PLN Technology team.  That is pretty cool. Sh