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Stretching my brain cells today

I have been working on cleaning up my computer and trying some new websites this week. Have you ever used Canva ? I uploaded the app on my ipad a while ago but didn't use it. I began using it this week to create banners for twitter and a few wedding ideas for our upcoming daughter's wedding.  I also began following them on twitter after I noticed our technology department was using it to design posts for chats.  Well, I  switched over from the ipad to the computer site.  It is much more user friendly and I created the above banner free today.  I had a few problems with the sizing. I used the preset size and only had half of my header with my banner.  I did a little searching and found out the Blogger heading is 1060 x 288 pixels . I then noticed on the Canva site in the right corner and noticed it lets you create size you want.  You make it and save it as an image.  In the Blogger layout page, you click on the header to edit. You can then download

It's hot outside!

Hot enough to melt crayons rewards for back to school incentives in my treasure box.  The rain finally stopped and the sun is out in North Texas. We have had our yearly amount of rain as of now. I will say my garden is pretty dry finally.   I managed to create this pinterest project with my cucumbers today from my little garden. I decided to try to melt my peeled crayon in my molds on the drive way since it is almost 100 today. They do tend to stink up the house when I do them at 300 in the oven for 8 minutes.  I did this a few years back when it was 105 outside successfully.  It hasn't been 100 yet which may explain some of the issue I had with even melting. The cool colors which were a mixture of construction paper and metallic FX Crayola  crayons melted pretty smoothly today.  All in all outside it took about 6 hours in full sun to melt. The pinkish warm colored crayons took a while longer. I got impatient and popped them in the oven which