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My 100th post: a Summer School reflection

Today was Summer School Pay Day. Woo Woo! I taught a 15 day series of  classes called Art Fantasy , which was an enrichment class for kiddo's going into 1st grade next month. I had free choice on the lessons,  but  I did have a limited budget.  The classes were an hour and a half long and I had two classes a morning. I would love to work until 1 pm everyday, but an hour and a half of art for  6 year olds is stretching it for their attention spans.  A big hurdle  for me was hauling all of the art supplies to a middle school biology room for the summer session. ( and back to my school)  The kids had to stand most of the time, but we made new friends! The last lesson did with these kids was really a hit! I based the lesson on the Eric Carl book, " A House for Hermit Crab." I also supplemented the lesson with this YouTube, Remember, we had an hour and a half! The students made the shell first with crayola chalk marbling technique. We d

Showering an Artist

Sorry, I haven't blogged for a while. As a teacher we tend to plan all types of celebrations, house renovations, and updating my computer after the school year has ended.  Now that the computer is up and running again, I can catch up on my posts.  I had to share some of the images from a shower my daughter and I hosted last month for one of her  bestie college art friends. Holly  is planning a beautiful wedding on the west coast.  My daughter, Emily was in painting classes with Holly and painted the invitations. I was lucky enough to have a good art teacher friend who also shared flowers from her garden.  We had a wonderful time working together on the colors, food and cleaning. My house looked pretty good, especially after I cleaned the windows! Holly will be a beautiful Bride. She is also a very talented portrait painter.  Emily painted very pretty wine glasses as a parting gift for the guests! I wish the flowers would have lasted