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Classroom Crayon Clock

I got a little crafty yesterday after seeing a crayon clock made by Jane on the Facebook Art Teacher's page.  She was nice enough to post the back of hers which  showed how to make this. The clock was from Walmart, $3 You need about 4 boxes of 24 crayons Hot glue and a cardboard circle to glue the crayons too. This is an inexpensive craft!  I used a cereal box to made a bigger cardboard shelf to glue the crayons on to.  Jane duck taped hers, I just hot glued mine. Jane also arranged her crayons in Rainbow order. I just wanted mine to be random. (kinda like me) Make your clock unique!  A few of my crayons melted from the hot glue so watch out! Here is the back I will hang it up next week in our new art space. Hope you are getting super excited to start the school year! 

Homemade charging station

I made this handy little charging station this summer for our devices. We were previously using the kitchen counter  and now it is all contained in one spot in our home office.  We had a hole that was unused in the corner of the desk and an old printer stand.. I only purchased a surge protector and velcro! I used the sticky backed velcro to attach the plug unit under the desk.  The power cord went through the hole in the the wall plug behind the desk. I used small clips to hold the end of the cord and keep it from falling down into the under space. It is pretty handy and keeps everything tidy! 

Cleaning and downsizing the Art Room

I am so jealous of all the fancy art rooms that I have seen popping up blogs and Facebook.  This is my new/ old art space that I taught in during Summer School. It is an old space, since I taught in this classroom 9 year ago. Our building is adding a SPED unit and my old space was in the wing that is being converted     It was big and open and now it is empty. I am going to stay positive and cross my fingers that we will get a new space in 2 years when our building is refreshed!  Our building is being painted this summer, so I only added a little decoration this summer. I am thinking of getting rid of some of the big chairs to help with space and using  Creatubbles this year to keep the art clutter contained.  I'll update this sight as I update the space over the next few weeks. I am hoping some cabinets were  installed and the sink was fixed along with a printer moved.  Stay posted!