Friday, February 22, 2013

Go Texan Day!

We lived in the Houston area before moving to Dallas many years ago. I loved Go Texan Day. I think I liked it because I was new to Texas from Indiana. My husband worked for Levi Strauss, and we  attended the Houston Rodeo, which is a huge event the last week of February.
One of my teacher friends shared this Kindergarten lesson with me a few years ago, so I worked it in to my plans and we actually finished today on Go Texan Day.
Day one of the lesson is reading Jan Brett's book, Armadillo Rodeo, and  we make the boots and hats. Yes, I do use tracers, and my little Texans need a lot of cutting practice this year! I usually assist with the gluing for placement.   

On day two, I show them a power point with various western outfits, and we practice wearing a hat and bandana. I have the students draw with me using sharpies. We had no tears!! I let them color for the first time with Twistables so that the coloring was smooth and bright!

Go Texans!!

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