Sunday, November 24, 2013

Kandinsky Trees

My first graders really need help with their fine motor skills this year. After completing a very successful Kandinsky Concentric Circle painting lesson noted below,

I followed up this past week with a tree inspired lesson. Once again, I found my inspiration from 
Jen Draw the Line At and I used her lesson suggestions for this very successful lesson.
My student's used Crayola Metallic crayons instead of the Crayola Construction paper crayons and we used juice lids for some bigger circles in the stamping part of the lesson. 

Day 1

On day two constructed the trees and circle leaves.

I passed out a 12 x 4 inch piece of black paper and had two different sizes of 
square paper for the circles.
Yes, this was a challenge since we did not use pencil, but we drew with our scissors.

Day 2

I will definite repeat lesson for next year! I will be displaying these soon. 

Displayed artwork is posted HERE


  1. The tree trunks are cut very neat for year 1 did they cut them out themselves?

  2. Tea they did! I gave them a long skinny piece of black paper.

  3. What type of paper did you use? Or did you use a canvas for each student?

  4. I love these! My students have been creating 'compliment trees' at Christmas time and they look ridiculously boring next to your gorgeous Kandinsky trees! I can't wait to try this with my third graders this fall. I love when I an use art in my classroom, thank you for sharing!

  5. Love this... off to try it now!


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