Thursday, February 21, 2013

Maneki Neko... Good Luck Cats

I pulled out an old lesson from the file cabinet this week for my 2nd grade classes that weren't effected by the President's day holiday and our early release day.
 Maneki Neko, Good Luck cats, are very popular at restaurants and business in our area.

I did a simple guided drawing with the students after I read to them one of the legends of the Maneki Neko cat. I also had a few worksheets from a Japanese Activity book with various characters the students could draw on the lucky coin. I also made a quick power point showing them the colors these cat are available in.
 It was the purfect lesson for and impurfect week!

Did you notice that I taught myself how to add a watermark to my photo's today???? 
 I finally got my computer fixed at school and photoshop redownloaded. I searched YouTube "how to create a watermark" and found a great one that suggested using the brush tool to make one.
 I feel so smart!


  1. Don't you love it when you figure something out like that. I feel accomplished with ever small step....added pages to my blog! : )

  2. Yes, It must be a teacher thing!!!


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