Monday, February 25, 2013

Raku Clay Sunday

Raku Firing Day

I posted in an earlier blog that my New Year's resolution was to make more time for my art. I took the pieces that I created last month with raku clay out to Eric Orr's studio yesterday with my art teacher friends. We glazed and fired all afternoon. It was so much fun seeing how the 
 raku firing is such a surprise. 
I am excited to build more slab pots, maybe buy a few of  Eric's bowls and raku away!


  1. Oh my gosh. I love Raku pots. I got to make some when I was in college and they are still some of my favorite pieces. I gotta find somewhere to do this around here!!

  2. Beautiful!! Wish I was close, I'd be a friend and tag-along!

  3. you are so lucky to be able to do this, these are fabulous, i love the textures and shapes.

  4. Trinity pottery has the texture sheets on their website for clay.


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