Tuesday, February 5, 2013

We HeART art!

I love Hearts. I think it is my favorite shape. I can see why Jim Dine loved painting them so much. After looking at his art work, I used the directions from this awesome lesson from
 we heart art! Thank you Joanna!
I followed her directions and did this in a two day format with my second grade class that is ahead of the other groups in my rotation. They gave the lesson a thumbs up today! I was so proud of their work I stuck some in the prepainted hall frames that are in my school's main hall today!




  1. Every time you left a comment I wanted to leave you one but your blog wasn't linked to your profile. But now I found you! Hurray!

    These heart projects are darling!!

    1. Also, I was so excited to find you, you got mentioned in a blog post today!! ;)

  2. Thank you Jen! You made my day!!! Do you have suggestions that would help me link my comments to my blog? I am only about 6 weeks into using Blogger. I was over at Wordpress last year under the name, Mrs Carter's Artroom. I couldn't access the blog from work, so I moved here.


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