Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Georgia's Bones

Lesson Update.....I did this lesson last year, but had some great drawings finished for our art show this week. ...............

July 2012
One of my favorite new lessons this past school year was inspired by a longhorn skull we purchased at Trading Days in McKinney Texas. I used a print by Georgia O'Keeffe and my favorite book about her, My Name is Georgia.
The students did a direct drawing of the longhorn skull using contour lines and a value study. The second part of the lesson involved weaving painted papers together for a rug effect. I had the students paint a cool paper 12 x 18 inch paper, and warm 12 x 18 inch paper using paint scrapers for a woven look. This lesson allowed the 4th graders to safisfy many of our Texas State requirements.



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