Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Action Figures!

 Action figures inspired by the artist Miriam Shapiro.

I'm Dancing As I Can

I think this is my favorite printmaking lesson. I haven't done this lesson in years, but this was the group to do it with! I love these creative kids! They are so motivating. 
 Instead of just drawing themselves in proportion, we made printing plates with printmaking foam.

On day 3, we made background papers and refered to the art work of Miriam Shapiro.

We used ink and texture brayers. I have some really old ink I am trying to use up! I also have some construction paper that is old and faded that worked well.

Today, we printed one of two prints. I had to post some of these and will update as we go.
The students got very excited to use the tools!
 I need to remind the second group to slow down and make quality prints.!

It was very exciting but very messy!! I know they will look awesome in the hall on display.

He he, looks like a pile of bodies.
 I usually save these and show them how to use markers to make prints at home.


  1. These are so cute!! I might have to brave the mess to have my students do this, too!

  2. Wonderful! I love how the figures look when rotated. Thanks for posting.

  3. These are terrific!! I love all the movement and the great detail the kids put on their plates!!

  4. These are great. I have just completed a crazy print making day. Foam looks a much safer option.


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