Wednesday, April 3, 2013


My super art smart husband brought me some stamps from Restoration Hardware today. 
I know my student's will love having them in the stamping center, but I may use them first! 
I added some old stamps to a tote tray from my Stampin days..... 
I can't keep enough ink pads for my early KDG and 1st grade finishers. 

I need some ideas from my teacher friends!!!!
Do you have stamps, and what type of ink?


  1. I have shape stamps somewhere now that you ask... I always kept them on my activity table with big black stamp pads for years and years and now that i think of it I have not seen them for a while... I have changed rooms and completely forgot about them! Now where did I put them... by the way the kids always loved them! :)

  2. Oh yes they do. I haven't had any in my centers for awhile, but it is a hit!


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