Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Art on the Walls!

 My favorite art feature at my school is that we have painted frames. They were painted by a muralist 8 years ago. We lost 4 this year to our new security construction, but I still have many to fill with art. Today, I finally had some art to put up. My students have been working on Square One Art ,and haven't had artwork to hang. Today while the last few finished they did Dot Paintings to coincide with International Dot Week. 

I have never hung all the same themed art work before, but it is stunning! 

I pre-mixed the colors and had the students paint on 12 x 18 inch paper. Patty over at Deep Space Sparkle has a lesson very similar. They walked around the tables with one cup of paint and a brush. They switched colors after they made one round with their color. 
This was a great way to let some student's finish their Square One art while the others created display work.

One last bulletin board idea that I recently did came from  

I made a board like hers to display art work that student's brought from home. I have even posted some of my own Instagrams. I just learned to print them easily using the Walgreen's photo app on my ipad! 
Have a good week!


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  1. love the frames! I wish we had display areas like those:)


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