Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tweets from the Art room

Well, I took another leap, or tweet today with technology in my classroom. 
I created a twitter page for my art classroom. Skaggs Artroom is up tweeting. 

I read a recent a post on The Art of Education's blog by Alecia Eggers about a twitter page for your classroom. Since one of my personal professional goals this year was to communicate more with parents and our wonderful PTA I thought this would fit the bill. 
After seeking administrative approval I thought about how this would look in my classroom.
 The biggest challenge was the lack of a device that did not involve using my personal iphone. 
Yesterday, a lightbulb went off when I found an old Iphone in a drawer at home. It still worked, would connect to the wifi at my school, and would not be blocked on our network. 
I put the plan in motion and let my 5th graders help me kick it off this morning. 
We talked about what it should look like and how we should safely share photos, no faces or names. 
I loved asking them for the hashtags. (I am just getting the way they work.)
I went around the room while they worked on their Square 1 Art projects and took photos. 
I decided to tweet a picture of a student who was on task, and doing quality work. 
I pulled twitter up on the whiteboard, opened the tab and watched the picture pop up! 

How do you use twitter in your classroom? 


  1. Hi Beth
    I am so curious to try Twitter in the art room. We can use iPads to tweet. But I am not sure about the do you get parents to follow you? Do you have a twitter feed for each grade, or for the art room as a whole?
    I love the idea of getting the kids to come up with ideas for hashtags!

  2. Rina,
    I am just taking it one day at a time. I am treating it as a class page. Our new software system that we use to communicate with parents has been really acting funny, so this should be a way to communicate our fundraising and contest art projects. I am also using it as a reward incentive.
    I will say they are pretty savvy. I have not linked my blog to it since my blog is a teacher site. I used my school email for the twitter site.


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