Thursday, October 31, 2013

Magic Pasta Pots

Nothing is crazier than Kindergarten and 1st grade on Halloween.
This year, we also had Character day, which involved dressing up.

The PE coach and I early this morning. The wig came off after KDG. 

Anyway..... I did a quick one day lesson with KDG today. We watched the story, on Safari first.

I prefolded a 9 x 6 piece of black paper for us to draw half of the pot together.
We used glue stick to stick it on a 9 x 12 sheet of white paper.
I guided them on how to draw the pasta starting at the pot and going as far as they could with a sharpie marker. We cut the pasta off with a straight line and then drew a twin line back to the pot. Repeat.
 I then challenged them to overlap pasta by jumping over a pasta noodle with the marker.
We followed up with Crayola Metallic FX crayons. 

Happy Halloween!

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