Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Roofing Felt Painting

One of my most popular posts from 2012 year was My Favorite workshop at TAEA in San Antonio. I taught this lesson this past November 2013. (Yes I am behind on my posts.)
This was a very difficult lesson for my 4th graders. The original lesson was for 3rd grade. My student's objective was to draw a simple contour drawing of a Texas Symbol. Trace the drawing with soap and then paint the shapes with acrylic paint on 15 lb roofing felt from Home Depot.

Keeping it simple as they  painted was hard. Oh the mixing.... It's important to make the soap lines thick and not to paint over them. Repeat, don't paint over the soap lines!!

After the paint is dry, you wash the soap off to reveal the black outlines. 
This is the wow factor for most of the student's if they didn't paint over the soap. 
I did have some very successful pieces finished and have displayed them in our painted frames in the hallway.

I submitted this last Mocking Bird painting by an awesome 4th grade girl to our state
 TAEA State art contest, and it is advancing to Austin. Yea!

I have a lot of roofing felt left and a lot of acrylic paint.
 Guess I will try another lesson with the 5th grade this spring. Flowers?  

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